October Speedlinking

I haven't been able to post as often or as in depth as I'd like to have this past month. I chalk it up mostly to work, we all love 12 hour days right? But now that sign-off has passed and our last release of 2007 is calmly approaching (its on Friday), things have settled down a bit. Below are some great links from October, most of which I wanted to mention at some point and haven't gotten a chance to until now. Enjoy.

Google Mashup Editor Blog: New Stuff - 10/4 Feature Release

Google Mashup Editor Blog: New Stuff - 10/4 Feature Release

There was a feature release for the Google Mashup Editor and they also created a new blog for all updates and notices.

Features include

  • Geo encoding of any element in feed
  • XPath helper in Feed Browser
  • In memory feed - ${tmp}
  • google.mashups.isUserAuthenticated(): method that returns true if and only if the user is authenticated
  • centerOnLocation(address) method added to map module: Takes a string and centers on the geo encoded location that is represented by the string Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed IE6 error that causes fatal errors in some applications.

  • Fixed Maps bugs and upgraded to Maps API version 2.88.
  • Fixed the display of images in tabs.
  • Performace improvements for syntax highlighting in the Editor.

GME 9/14 Feature Release

A new version of the Google Mashup Editor was released on Friday. Highlights of new features include:
* Ratings and Labels for external feeds
* Now uses GWT 1.4 (newest version)
* New "Save" event. List and item modules throw a save event when new entries are added to a feed
* Smarter loading of external libraries
* Documentation and samples were updated to support new features

Bug fix highlights:
* Auto-complete can now be used when entry has a coma
* "nowrap" style for blue-theme CSS class was removed
* Documentation links in the editor now point to the correct docs
* Source highlighting in the editor was fixed

For the complete list, check out this post