New Digg reverse paywall coming


Welcome to the future of killing time on the internet, and getting paid for it: Digg is implementing a reverse pay wall! We believe this will greatly enhance the Digg experience. Early reaction from test users has been great. Can Duruk, developer at Digg, sums it up well: "I thought Rebecca Black's 'Friday' video was great now that I got paid to watch it!"

Now, I used to be on Digg for at least an hour a day. then v4 came... and it kind of sucks now..... Losing nested categories was a huge loss for me.

(9:39:48 AM) Tim: i would totally go back to digg to get paid

(9:40:46 AM) Laura: Hmm

(9:41:00 AM) Laura: Digg is so horrible, that's a little like being ok with becoming a prostitute

(9:41:03 AM) Laura: I mean, you get paid

Diggnation NYC, June 4th!

Veeeeery excited about this. [Last

year]( was a blast


Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street, New York City, NY
[view map](,%20New%20York% 20City,%20NY)



Live Event?


Venue Website:

Digg and Facebook Heading to the Future of Web Apps expo

This sounds like a lot of fun, some good presentations (interesting topics and good presenters), a live Diggnation, and I LOVE London. Wish I could go

Here's the lineup:

  • Mark Zuckerberg - Fireside Chat
  • Kevin Rose - The future of social news
  • Dave Morin - A more social Web with Facebook Connect
  • Joe Stump - Languages don't scale

To wrap up the conference there will be a live Diggnation on the main stage (Oct 10). Directly after that will be the wrap up party which is rumored to have an open bar, but you didn't hear that from me

Diggnation in your living room!

This could be a lot of fun. If you win, Kevin, Alex, Prager, the Hippie, and whoever else will come shoot an episode of Diggnation from your living room. I love Diggnation, either way, it will be a great episode.

"In this once in a lifetime opportunity, Kevin and Alex will travel to a fan’s house to shoot an episode of Diggnation this fall. From now until October 22, every time you use the code “diggcouch” when you purchase something from Go Daddy you are automatically entered to win. Go Daddy will choose one lucky winner at random. This fall, Kevin and Alex will travel to their house to shoot an episode of Diggnation in their living room.

In addition to entering the contest you also get 10% off your entire order when you use the code “diggcouch” at check out. So make sure you get over to and make some purchases and get your entry in today!"

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Live Diggnation NY Photos

The show was absolutely nuts. Had a great time at Studio B. Sorry for the crappy photo quality, I forgot my camera and the blackberry doesn't do so well in the dark... I think the estimate for this meetup was about 2,000 people inside and 600 waiting outside in the rain? Great turnout, great show. Diggnation better come back to NY. (As they said at the show, NY creates/diggs the most content on Digg then anywhere else in the world, GO NEW YORK!

[![](ht tp:// MG00031.jpg)]( 3SLJhkVc4/s1600-h/IMG00031.jpg) [![]( PtyCzrsI/AAAAAAAASAc/peqDoJ87kDk/s400/IMG00032.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPtyCzrsI/AAAAAAAASAc/peqDoJ87kDk/s1600-h/IMG00032.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00033.jpg)]( CoFaLbTwo/s1600-h/IMG00033.jpg) [![]( PliCzrqI/AAAAAAAASAM/tpEyMMpkI9I/s400/IMG00034.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPliCzrqI/AAAAAAAASAM/tpEyMMpkI9I/s1600-h/IMG00034.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00035.jpg)]( jsnwdN89U/s1600-h/IMG00035.jpg) [![]( PYiCzroI/AAAAAAAAR_8/knHsvfKP7Vs/s400/IMG00036.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPYiCzroI/AAAAAAAAR_8/knHsvfKP7Vs/s1600-h/IMG00036.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00037.jpg)]( MV4gBESLs/s1600-h/IMG00037.jpg) [![]( PKiCzrmI/AAAAAAAAR_s/SAWtqLlV5Qw/s400/IMG00038.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPKiCzrmI/AAAAAAAAR_s/SAWtqLlV5Qw/s1600-h/IMG00038.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00039.jpg)]( VOZXOuhq8/s1600-h/IMG00039.jpg) [![]( PDSCzrkI/AAAAAAAAR_c/HuoFOMnMPvw/s400/IMG00040.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPDSCzrkI/AAAAAAAAR_c/HuoFOMnMPvw/s1600-h/IMG00040.jpg) [![]( /s400/IMG00041.jpg)]( AR_U/Fq-qaIQjk-E/s1600-h/IMG00041.jpg) [![]( /s400/IMG00042.jpg)]( SCzriI/AAAAAAAAR_M/jaP9miTIGAE/s1600-h/IMG00042.jpg)