Live Diggnation NY Photos

The show was absolutely nuts. Had a great time at Studio B. Sorry for the crappy photo quality, I forgot my camera and the blackberry doesn't do so well in the dark... I think the estimate for this meetup was about 2,000 people inside and 600 waiting outside in the rain? Great turnout, great show. Diggnation better come back to NY. (As they said at the show, NY creates/diggs the most content on Digg then anywhere else in the world, GO NEW YORK!

[![](ht tp:// MG00031.jpg)]( 3SLJhkVc4/s1600-h/IMG00031.jpg) [![]( PtyCzrsI/AAAAAAAASAc/peqDoJ87kDk/s400/IMG00032.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPtyCzrsI/AAAAAAAASAc/peqDoJ87kDk/s1600-h/IMG00032.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00033.jpg)]( CoFaLbTwo/s1600-h/IMG00033.jpg) [![]( PliCzrqI/AAAAAAAASAM/tpEyMMpkI9I/s400/IMG00034.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPliCzrqI/AAAAAAAASAM/tpEyMMpkI9I/s1600-h/IMG00034.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00035.jpg)]( jsnwdN89U/s1600-h/IMG00035.jpg) [![]( PYiCzroI/AAAAAAAAR_8/knHsvfKP7Vs/s400/IMG00036.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPYiCzroI/AAAAAAAAR_8/knHsvfKP7Vs/s1600-h/IMG00036.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00037.jpg)]( MV4gBESLs/s1600-h/IMG00037.jpg) [![]( PKiCzrmI/AAAAAAAAR_s/SAWtqLlV5Qw/s400/IMG00038.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPKiCzrmI/AAAAAAAAR_s/SAWtqLlV5Qw/s1600-h/IMG00038.jpg) [![](ht tp:// MG00039.jpg)]( VOZXOuhq8/s1600-h/IMG00039.jpg) [![]( PDSCzrkI/AAAAAAAAR_c/HuoFOMnMPvw/s400/IMG00040.jpg)]( _Ng3QbVQfLZ8/SEfPDSCzrkI/AAAAAAAAR_c/HuoFOMnMPvw/s1600-h/IMG00040.jpg) [![]( /s400/IMG00041.jpg)]( AR_U/Fq-qaIQjk-E/s1600-h/IMG00041.jpg) [![]( /s400/IMG00042.jpg)]( SCzriI/AAAAAAAAR_M/jaP9miTIGAE/s1600-h/IMG00042.jpg)

Diggnation filming at Studio B in NYC tonight

Kevin Rose is filming Diggnation in Brooklyn tonight for Internet Week. It starts at 6 I should be able to get out of work in time. Anyone else going?

"Diggnation is a weekly video podcast produced by Revision3. It is hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, who had previously hosted TechTV's The Screen Savers together. Its main purpose is to discuss the top stories from Digg, the social bookmarking website developed by Rose and others. The format of the show usually involves Rose and Albrecht reviewing one or more brands of beer at the opening of the show, of which they will consume throughout the show, (steadily getting more and more drunk until they are almost incoherent) followed by them discussing various Digg stories from the previous week. Both audio and video versions of the podcast are available from Revision3."