Refreshing all the css on a page using jQuery

I have a client project where we let them customize some css attributes in the admin, show them the updates in a small preview area, then save the changes back to the server. The custom css attributes are in a small css file that is generated on pageload and then cached to the server. All of the admin functionality is done through ajax, so I wanted a good way to update the UI of the site without having to do a full pageload. The below function was a great help.

function reloadStylesheets() {
    var queryString = '?reload=' + new Date().getTime();
    $('link[rel="stylesheet"]').each(function () {
        this.href = this.href.replace(/\?.*|$/, queryString);

Jira Tabs: Open all those Jira's at once!

Update: Code lives on GitHub

Ever want to open all the Jira’s on the screen in new tabs? Jess does, I do, and you should too! For firefox and chrome we now have the JiraTabs bookmark button. Go to this page and drag the link up to your bookmarks bar. Then, whenever you are on a filter or search view of Jira's, click the button and all the jira's on your screen will open up in new tabs


Some reading from django-nyc

Went to the django-nyc meetup last night, it was in Manhattan and much easier to get to then when it's at huge in bk.  Wrote down a few things to read up on: