Social Badges

So, for whatever reason. I never added my social network badges to this site. I should have, a long time ago. Feel free to follow me on FriendFeed or Twitter, be my friend on Facebook or linkedin, see what I've Dugg or listened to, take a look at my photos, and more. Will definitly be seeing how this effects my social graph

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Blogger adds bloggroll

[Blogger]( on.html) in draft added 2 new features today: a blogroll page element, and post scheduling. Post scheduling is pretty useful, you can write up your post, set the time (in the future) that you want it to post, and Blogger will do it automatically. The second feature, a blogroll, I would like a lot more if it was done better. The main thing I like about it is that it integrates with Google Reader so if I'm linking to my friend's blogs, I just scroll to my 'Friends' Tag and add them. The thing I don't like however is that it does not support XFN or FOAF therefore not getting picked up by the SocialGraph API. For example, if I linked to my girlfriend's blog, the blogroll just lists this as

<a href='' target='_blank'>Maybe-Not</a>

A better link, for example from a wordpress blogroll would look something like

<a href="" rel="friend sweetheart" title="Laura&#8217;s blog">Maybe-Not</a>< 

...and get picked up but the SocialGraph as having a relationship to me. Blogger is great and I love using it, but the features of wordpress are blowing it out of the water.