Installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix (with Jaunty) on an MSI Wind

I recently picked up a MSI Wind Netbook and love the damn thing. Ubuntu Netbook Remix brings in a great UI which makes navigating on the small screen much easier.I used Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Alpha 4 as the base install, mainly because I didn't want to go through the trouble of converting my ext3 partitions to ext4 when it comes out on April 23rd, and the driver support is more complete. I haven't had many problems with it aside from a few random firefox crashes.

  1. We're going to make a bootable USB stick to install Ubuntu

  2. On a separate machine, Download the cd image. If you want to use 8.10, get the iso here

  3. if you are already using an Ubuntu install of 8.10 or higher, skip to step 11

  4. burn the image to a cd

  5. Boot to the cd, do not install, load the demo OS

  6. click System->Administration->Create a USB startup disk
  7. point it to either the cd in your drive, or the iso
  8. point to the correct USB stick
  9. the rest of the settings can stay default
  10. click Make Startup Disk
  11. Insert the usb drive into your wind, power it on, and hit delete to go into the bios, change the first boot device to USB Drive
  12. save and exit the bios
  13. If the wind boots off of the USB stick correctly, you should see the same screen as when you had booted off the cd
  14. Install Ubuntu
  15. I made my partitions as follows:
    |30 gig recovery partition|20 gig XP partition|15 Gig Ext4 Ubuntu Partition|4 gig swap partition|the rest of the drive as an ext4 partition
    ![]( AAAa74/DBWWqZQOEko/s1600-h/partitions.png)

  16. That last partition is where I will mount my home directory, as well as mount from windows xp using ext2fs (I havn't actually tried this yet)

  17. Add the netbook remix repositories to your system. This can be be done in synaptic or by typing the following into a terminal
    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

  18. add the following:
    deb intrepid main
    deb-src intrepid main

  19. sudo apt-get update

  20. sudo apt-get install go-home-applet
    sudo apt-get install window-picker-applet
    sudo apt-get install maximus
    sudo apt-get install human-netbook-theme

  21. Select the "Human Netbook Theme" in System Preferences>Apperance

  22. go into System Preferences-> sessions->startup programs and confirm that "Maximus" and "window-picker-applet" are thre

  23. Disable Compiz Effects System Preferences->Appearance->None

    This is what is required to get netbook remix running, I continued with the following to tweak it some more

  24. Delete the bottom panel by right clicking on it

  25. Delete all the applets on the top panel by right clicking on them

  26. Add applets to the top panel so it ends up like:
    Window Picker Applet | Trash Can |Notification Area | MixerApplet | Clock

  27. I also made alt+q the hotkey to show the desktop, makes navigating to it faster. Another option is the show desktop applet button that can be added to the top bar. Preferences->keyboard shortcuts->"Hide all normal windows....."

More info is available here.

Set / Change / Reset the MySQL root password on Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu)

This came in veeeerrryyy handy just now...

  1. Stop the MySQL Server

    sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop

  2. Start the mysqld config

    sudo mysqld --skip-grant-tables &

  3. Login to the server as root

    mysql -u root mysql

  4. Ser your NEWPASSWORD


    User='root'; FLUSH

    PRIVILEGES; exit;

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How to stream video to an Xbox 360 from linux

There are a couple of different methods floating around to do this, but I think this is the quickest and easiest to get set up. So far, I like this better then FTP'ing files over to my old modded xbox. Some notes about further investigating will be at the bottom. Note: this was tested on an Ubuntu machine.

  • Make sure your 360 has all the current updates
  • Install ushare "sudo apt-get install ushare"
  • if ushare complains about a missing libdlna dependency, get it from here: **"wget" **

    • Edit the ushare configuration "sudo vim /etc/ushare.conf" update any ports or network devices you need to (I changed mine to eth1 so it would just use the wireless) as well as what folder to scan
    • There is a mime-type you need to update "sudo vim /usr/share/mime/packages/" change mime-type type="video/x-msvideo" to mime-type type="video/x-ms-wmv"
    • restart gnome (ctrl + alt + backspace)
    • start ushare with "ushare -x"
    • Go to the media blade on your 360 dashboard
    • Press 'X' to change the source
    • You should see uShare (or whatever you named the share to in the configuration)
    • play videos!
    • note: **to play a .mkv file, rename it to .m4v ** To Do:
  • get uShare to automatically rescan the directory (currently if I add a video to the folder, the 360 will not see it until i restart uShare)

  • get 1080p HD content to stream. I have tried a few re-encapsulation methods so far, nothing working yet
  • this is an xbox thing, that hopefully will be fixed in the fall update, but navigating large folder trees can get annoying

Fixing Nvidia 8600 GT on Hardy Heron

After updating to Hardy I got a white screen of death upon rebooting. After some research it turned out that this was more of an Nvidia driver issue rather then Ubuntu. This may not have been the most correct way to fix it, but it worked for me.

  1. Completely remove nvidia-glx-new

  2. Remove nvidia-kernel-common (this also removes linux-restricted-modules), (I am not sure if step 2 is required)

  3. install build-essentials

  4. Download the Nvidia beta driver that came out on April 10. You can get it here

  5. hit ctrl + alt + f1 to break out of gnome

  6. "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" to shutdown the X server

  7. sudo sh to install the driver. If it asks you to update you're xorg.conf file, let it.

  8. Reboot. ("sudo reboot") You should now be able to enable Desktop effects. YAY FISH!

This issue has also been addressed on the Ubuntu Forums and on launchpad

Note: I have a Dell XPS M1530

Upgrade Ubuntu to 8.04 Hardy Heron

Hardy Heron came out this morning and is very much down for the count

You can Still update though, click here for the Google Cache version.

Happy Updating!

New Features in this release:

Install on an existing filesystem without overwriting /home
When I moved from feisty to gutsy, I decided to do a fresh install. One of the things I had to do was back up my home folder, and when I finished installing gutsy I just copied it back onto my computer. This new feature will allow people to install the new version of Ubuntu without it overwriting their home folder.I'm sure this will come in very handy for people who like trying out different distro's.

Hardy Hardware Detection
This is more of a bug fix than a new feature. Gutsy already has excellent hardware support and the plan for hardy is even better and more robust detection of hardware. Sounds good to me.

GDM Face Browser
One of the changes I made to my gutsy is the GDM. I replaced the old one with something that allows me to just click on a picture of my username and login. This will hopefully be the default for hardy.

Auto Detection of Monitor Frequency
While I was testing gutsy beta I had to manually configure xorg.conf to get it to the right resolution. It wasn't fun. This should be a thing of the past with hardy as it will automatically detect everything for you. Huzzah!

Apt Authentication Reliability
Have you ever had an update fail for no reason? Well it actually fails because of 'transient network failures'. The aim is to make hardy more robust against these errors.

Redesign Restricted-Manager Code
They want to expand the role of the restricted manager and change it so that other distro's can share the joy.

Handling Full Disks

I've never had this problem with Ubuntu, but if your disk gets full, things can get quite ugly. They plan to add a notification and disk clean-up tool when your running low on space.

Desktop Effects
Make compiz fusion more robust and easier to use.

New Theme
Hardy Heron will be getting a shiny new theme, I hope they move away from the brown theme and choose something lighter and more fresh.

Easy File Sharing
To allow people to easily share files over a network. Not more I can say about this.

Dual/Multi Monitor Support
Currently you have to manually tweak Ubuntu if you want to use more than one monitor. They want to fix this for hardy.

Integrate Prefetch into Ubuntu
I noticed a slightly increased start up time in gutsy compared to feisty. Hardy will use file prefetch and other optimisations to speed up boot time.

Automatix-Ubuntu Team Collaboration
Automatix was extremely helpful for me in feisty. Although I don't use it in gutsy, its good that they are collaborating with the automatix team.

Single Click Install
Installing software is already pretty straightforward in Ubuntu. They want to make it even easier to install third party applications. I'm not complaining.

Apparmor Integration
This is already a part of gutsy, the plan is to increase integration to make Ubuntu even safer.

Make it easier for users to configure their firewall.

Third Party Apt
Now when you install third party apps, you have to manually add the software repository to the sources.list. This spec makes it easy for users to install third party software and have it update automatically.

Revamped Logout Screen
They want to streamline the options you have when you click that big red button, to make things less confusing.

[Better Integrated Wine]( integrated-wine)
Better Wine will make it easier for Windows users to convert, thus helping to solve bug #1.

Xorg 7.3
This is one of the features that missed the gutsy deadline. This should make manual configuration of xorg.conf obsolete. Another much anticipated feature is Bullet Proof X, which will go into a graphical safe mode if anything goes wrong with X.

Slick Boot
To improve the boot and shutdown process and also make the things look nicer.