Google Developer Podcast Ep 9 QuickCap

I got some time today to listen to this Podcast today on the way to and from one of our other buildings today uptown. I was attending SAS training which is a pretty cool data mining / report generation tool.

This episode was an interview with T.V. Raman and his seeing eye dog Hubbell on accessibility in a developer's world. Quick recap:

  • Why care about accessibility? (As a developer)

    • You DON'T know your user
    • try to build for the widest range of abilities
  • Think about how people with different abilities will use the app
  • FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Konquerer. Browser specifics are a problem
  • Generic browsers out of the box do not help vision, does not enhance views, or help the motion impaired
  • you have to add on to the browser
  • There is too much "slop", you need to take a step back and not assume what your user will use
  • CSS is good for getting developer / user balance
  • There are very good FireFox accessibility addons
  • Google results page is an html mess so it can work in all browsers
  • The standard GMail interface is an accessibility nightmare but this is remedied by using the mobile version
  • A year from now Ajax accessibility will get much better with FireFox 3
  • Bottom Lines:
    • What is it that you are using for accessibility? Is it the base platform? Does it come with tools
    • What is the focus?
    • What platform are you on?
  • Google books scan and OCR to voice is decent
  • The mobile calendar is also good.