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October Speedlinking

I haven’t been able to post as often or as in depth as I’d like to have this past month. I chalk it up mostly to work, we all love 12 hour days right? But now that sign-off has passed and our last release of 2007 is calmly approaching (its on Friday), things have settled down a bit. Below are some great links from October, most of which I wanted to mention at some point and haven’t gotten a chance to until now. Enjoy.

  • The JavaScript Library for Google Calendar was released. This allows for authenticated, cross domain access. Hopefully Picasa Web will follow suit.
  • GWT goes to the iPhone
  • Orkut ramps up for a US push
  • Vortex combines the know-how of Dojo and Gears
  • Google contributes to MySQL
  • The Google Gadget Directory gets a facelift
  • Picasa Web gets opened. (Flikr can transfer a picasa album to itself)
  • Mapplets gets a documentation and example update
  • New articles are posted for KML
Published 5 Nov 2007

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