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Using widgets outside of the CMS in Magento

Magento ships with widget functionality that lets you build out data models and then reuse them on product and CMS pages. If you want to use these in a custom template however, you are out of luck.  This can be done by extending the Widget Collection class.

Create the following directory structure:


Copy app/code/core/Mage/Widget/Model/Myswql4/Widget/Instance/Collection.php into your new directory

The MageWidgetModelMysql4WidgetInstanceCollection comes with a store filter but thats about it.  To be more usefull we are going to add a type filter, a title filter, and a sorter.

class Mage_Widget_Model_Mysql4_Widget_Instance_Collection extends Mage_Core_Model_Mysql4_Collection_Abstract
     * Constructor
    protected function _construct()

     * Filter by store ids
     * @param array|integer $storeIds
     * @param boolean $withDefaultStore if TRUE also filter by store id '0'
     * @return Mage_Widget_Model_Mysql4_Widget_Instance_Collection
    public function addStoreFilter($storeIds = array(), $withDefaultStore = true)
        if (!is_array($storeIds)) {
            $storeIds = array($storeIds);
        if ($withDefaultStore && !in_array(0, $storeIds)) {
            array_unshift($storeIds, 0);
        $select = $this->getSelect();
        foreach ($storeIds as $storeId) {
            $select->orWhere('FIND_IN_SET(?, `store_ids`)', $storeId);
        return $this;

    public function addTypeFilter($type) {
    	$this->getSelect()->where('type=?', $type);
    	return $this;

    public function addTitleFilter($type) {
    	$this->getSelect()->where('title=?', $type);
    	return $this;

    public function addAttributeToSort($attribute, $dir='asc') {
    	$this->getSelect()->order("{$attribute} {$dir}");
    	return $this;

Now we should be able to query any widgets from any template in our system:

< ?php 
$wids = Mage::getModel('widget/widget_instance')
	->addAttributeToSort('title', 'asc')

foreach ($wids as $wid):
	$params = $wid->getWidgetParameters();
	echo $params['custom_param'];
	echo $wid->gettitle();
Published 7 Sep 2010

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