Fussy Coffee

Over the years I've read or listened to some of the fussy drinking habbits of people I respect and follow. I've been meaning to write about what I do for coffee for a while. A coworker of mine has asked and a recent post by my friend Sam kicked me to sit down and write it.

Sam talks about Coffee Nerdery and it made me stop and think about how much I get into it. When I was younger, "nerd" had a negative connotation. I learned to not let it bother me a long time ago. Nerds are passionate about many things. For me it was comics, computers, books. Now, add a liiiitle bit of coffee into that.

Don't get me wrong, regular coffee is just fine. Half the time, at work, I just have a cup from the pot. (Granted, that's good coffee). But, as I've written about previously, rituals are important. Some of what I do with coffee is for the taste. Some of it is the ritual of preparing it and the comfort that it brings. Some of it is feeling included in a club, even if that club exists only online in the form of twitter, slack, and blog posts. Because of a few of the gadgets I use, I thought I was a little nerdier. But, the gadgets is where it ends. I don't fiddle with temperature or what I use to stir. I just get good beans and prep them with what I have.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter. If you are passionate about something, want to throw all of your energy into it, are just curious, or just want to fiddle. Do it. If it entertains you, it scratches an itch, or you get something else out of it. Do it. Nerdism is starting to feel like a post within itself. Back to coffee.

Here's what I do: I start up the kettle. When it hisses, I pour it in

The beans I use are usually from the Blue Bottle Coffee mail service. (<-- referral link. help me out!) I'll do a review of the service at some point in the future. For now, check out Marco's

I grind the beans by hand using a Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Next is brewing. I use an AeroPress and LOVE it. Even if you use coffee grinds from the supermarket, the Aeropress make brewing so darned easy. Both brewing and cleaning. It makes one cup at a time. Add the coffee, the water, let it sit and then pump it out. Cleaning is just popping the "puck" of spent coffee into the garbage, rinsing everything with water, and throwing it in the drainboard. I use the "inverted method" as I find it the easiest. Check out this 1 min Blue Bottle video that explains it. Sometimes, I also use the AeroPress Timer app on my phone that, in theory, gets a better tasting brew. I stir it with the handle of the AeroPress scoop

Most of the time, I have the coffee exactly as it comes out of the press. This is a little closer to espresso than coffee. The instructions say "add water to taste". I've been home with Charlie the past few weeks and have been trying this. I like both, I'm not sure which method I'll end up with. Either way, I add my 2 ice cubes

Now. Bulletproof Coffee. I've done this on and off over the past few years. Gizmodo debunked it earlier this year. What do I think? For the most part. It works. For the first few months, you feel like you've had rocket fuel and can do anything. Then, it tapers off. I do it a few times a year, usually close to the release of a website for a little boost. I eyeball a tablespoon or so of Kerry Gold Butter and add a tablespoon of MCT Oil. If you are going to try it, don't buy the bulletproof brand. It's not any better and amazon can save you money.

However you take your coffee; whether you are super fussy, love your starbucks, or dabble a little bit at home: It doesn’t matter. ENJOY your coffee