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Learning from Brent

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I learn more about how to think about programming from Brent Simmons’ blog than any place I can think of. I wish he wrote books or did full length tutorials. Probably more the later. I really like his thought process and how he breaks problems down.

A good follow up to his Swift Protocol issue can be found here by David Owen. I learn a lot from him too

Let’s say I’€™m writing an RSS reader. (This is the example I tend to use on my blog, for historical reasons, and shouldn’t be taken as indicative of anything.)

Let’€™s say the RSS reader can have a mix of stand-alone feeds and feeds that are synced with FeedBin, Feedly, NewsBlur, etc. I might very well do this:

Create a Feed protocol. Create classes for each different type of feed: LocalFeed, FeedBinFeed, FeedlyFeed, etc. Each one of these conforms to the Feed protocol. (Why? Because each syncing system is different, and rather than have a giant Feed class that can handle all the different types, it’s smarter to have a Feed protocol and then specific implementations for each different type of feed.)

RSS readers tend to have folders too. But folders may have different rules, depending on the system: folders inside folders may or may not be allowed, for instance. So, similarly, I might do this:

Create a Folder protocol. Create classes for each different type of folder: LocalFolder, FeedBinFolder, FeedlyFolder, etc. Each one of these conforms to the Folder protocol.

Published 19 Jul 2015

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