Gtdjedi Podcast - Ep033 - Watching Forward

The Big Discussion

watchOS 4

My take on my Apple Watch Edition Series 3 with LTE

How has watchOS 4 changed how we use our Apple Watch?

What does the future hold for the Apple Watch? Could it become a primary device in the future? And what changes need to be made and what features need to be added for that to become a possibility?

Revisiting the Dock: The apps that have earned their place

How is the Series 0 handling it?

Our recommendation to listeners who are on the fence about a purchase?

Gtdjedi Podcast - Ep032 -Mixed Emotions On Ios 11

The Big Discussion

How iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra can make us more productive

Our take on the latest builds.

Favorite new iOS features

Favorite app updates that take advantage of the new APIs?

What software changes we don’t like?

Where do we go from here?

Jedi Weapons of Choice (apps or features)

Clay - new device setup method, drag & drop

Jerry - iOS miscellaneous- new Screen shots, screen recording, Notes PDF capture..

Tim - Siri for todos -> Omnifocus

Fuze Code Studio Will Let Kids Use The Switch To Code Their Own Switch Games


Of the hundreds of noble efforts to teach kids to code, Fuze is one of them. Fuze has created its own programming language, Fuze BASIC, a riff on the classic BASIC programming language that was the foundation of Microsoft as a company and a formative experience for anyone who typed a program into an Apple II or Commodore 64. And now Fuze BASIC is coming to the Switch.