Using iOS 10 devices with Xcode 7

Peter Steinberger started a GREAT gist on Using Xcode 7.3.1 and iOS 10 devices.

Below is what worked for me to get a few extra test devices (my carry phone runs the 10 beta) working with Xcode 7. Can't upgrade to 8 just yet. Working with a contractor and don't want to move too many pieces.

My Setup

Xcode 7.3.1 and Beta 6 iOS 10 beta 6 (Beta 7 is out, after getting this to work, I don't think I'm upgrading just yet)


  1. sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5339a\)/ /Applications/
  2. iPhone: Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings
  3. Reboot iPhone (after it wakes back up from the network reset)
  4. Reboot Mac (restarting Xcode alone didn't work)

It these steps don't work for you, check out the gist for other options.

Metallica’S New Song Is Their Ballsiest In Decades

The metal-heads who thought Metallica had turned into tired old wussies should sit down and shut up for three minutes, because the quartet is back with a new song that ranks as its best work in decades.

​"Hell Yeah"

Metallica has been my favorite band since middle school. Their discography playlist is constantly played on Spotify. Since S&M, their work has been lack-luster. I've listened to it in the hopes it will be good. It never is.

After listening to this teaser song, I am VERY, VERY, excited. It's GREAT

Opening iTerm2 Tabs at Specific Directories

I love iTerm2. I can customize the stock just about as much, but it's much easier in iTerm. I find myself always opening the same 3 or 4 tabs when I get into coding mode. Luckily iTerm2 has great scripting support

The 4 tabs I always open for Kidfund are:

  1. Our iOS project
  2. Our Laravel project. Usually where I run artisan commands
  3. Our Laravel project; Tails most recent file in the log directory
  4. Our Laravel project; I jump around from here. Usually CD-ing to 1. the realm directory to pop it into Realm Browser

I didn't want this to run all of the time so I didn't have this script run each time iTerm opens. I instead wired it into an Alfred command. If you are interested you can download that here

The underlying script is as follows. It's crud, and could definitely be more flexible, but it works for me at the moment. Hopefully it can help you craft something to your needs

tell application "iTerm2"
  tell current session of current window
    write text "cd ~/workspace/kidfund/ios"
  end tell
  tell current window
    create tab with default profile
      tell current session of current tab
        write text "cd ~/workspace/kidfund/web"
      end tell
  end tell
    tell current window
    create tab with default profile
      tell current session of current tab
        write text "cd ~/workspace/kidfund/web && tail -f storage/logs/\"$(ls -at storage/logs | head -n 1)\""
      end tell
  end tell
    tell current window
    create tab with default profile
      tell current session of current tab
        write text "cd ~/workspace/kidfund/web"
      end tell
  end tell
end tell

Hey Mama! Podcast

We bring our husbands on to discuss #fatherhood, have them share their #igotthis and #idontgotthis moments since becoming dads, and they make recommendations on apps, books and more for soon-to-be or new dads. We tell stories about their early parenting days and as usual, talk about our weeks.

I joined the Hey Mama! podcast for a very special Father's Day episode.

Check it out!

App Launching On Apple Watch

I love using the Stopwatch and Timer apps while I'm cooking or brewing coffee, but I don't want their complications visible during the rest of the day. The ability to swipe left and bring up an entire watch face devoted to them and any other complications relevant to cooking is a game changer for me. I'll keep my existing primary watch face configured with the date, and a few activity / fitness complications, and I'll also have my Movie watch face with no distractions that Ryan Considine inspired me to use.

I hadn't even thought about using different watch faces for different tasks or themes of tasks.

I already switch faces of its the weekend (don't need calendar for example) but this will take it to a whole new level

Github File and Link Tricks

2 tricks I learned today that I'd like to share: reliably linking to a specific line and searching for files using fuzzy matching.

Reliably link to a specific line

Say you are on the master branch, and you want to reference a line in a file. This could either be for a conversation you are having at that moment, answering a question in a PR, or adding information to a ticket. At that point in time, your link will work great. But, what about when that file gets changed tomorrow? More lines get added higher up, above the link, and the line that the link it pointing to, now points to something else!

You can easily have github switch to the latest commit for the file you are viewing. Just press 'y'. Then, when you link to a line, you are linking to THAT version of the file. You reference will always be intact.

Search for files using fuzzy matching

When you are browsing through files, there is a button in the upper right that says "Find file". I'm sure it's been there forever, but I just noticed it.

This brings you to a full file tree that you can search using fuzzy matching. Just like if you were in your IDE quick-opening a file!